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Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price Reviewer Affiliation
A Student's Guide to Python for Physical Modeling Updated Edition [v] Jesse M. Kinder & Philip Nelson 168 2018 Princeton University Press 9781400889426 U 31.95 Jake Bobowski University of British Columbia
A Well-Ordered Thing: Dmitrii Mendeleev and the Shadow of the Periodic Table, Revised Edition [v] Michael D. Gordin 384 2018 Princeton University Press 9780691172385 G 41.99 Alex May University of British Columbia
Astrophysics of Planet Formation Philip J. Armitage 342 2020 Cambridge University Press 978-1108420501 U 93.53 Stanley Yen TRIUMF
Classical Field Theory Joel Franklin 216 2017 Cambridge University Press 978-1107189614 U 59.40 Manu Paranjape Université de Montréal
Particle Physics Brick by Brick: Atomic and Subatomic Physics Explained... in LEGO Dr. Ben Still 176 2018 Firefly Books 978-0228100126.0.............. G 24.70 Tasha Richardson TDSB
Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price Reviewer Affiliation
Picturing Quantum Processes: A First Course in Quantum Theory and Diagrammatic Reasoning Bob Coecke and Aleks Kissinger 844 2017 Cambridge University Press 978-1107104228 U 97.95 Tor Pedersen Canadian Light Source Inc.
The Philosophy of Cosmology Editors: Khalil Chamcham, Joseph Silk, John D. Barrow, and Simon Saunders 526 2017 Cambridge University Press 978-1107145399 G 62.81 Chris Waddell University of British Columbia
The Theory and Applications of Instanton Calculations (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) Manu Paranjape 332 2017 Cambridge University Press 978-1-107-15547-3 S 160.95 Keshav Dasgupta McGill University