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Information for Reviewers

CAP members are given the first opportunity to request books. Requests from non-members will only be considered one month after the distribution date of the issue of Physics in Canada in which the book was published as being available (e.g. a book listed in the Jan/Feb issue of Physics in Canada will be made available to non-members at the end of March).

The book review editor reserves the right to limit the number of books provided to reviewers each year. The Book Review Editor also reserves the right to modify any submitted review for style and clarity. When rewording is required, the Editor will endeavour to preserve the intended meaning and, in so doing, may find it necessary to consult the reviewer.

The deadline for completion of the review will be indicated in the letter accompanying the book requested. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please notify the Book Review Editor immediately.

If you would like to review a book that you have acquired through some other means, please feel free to do so. You may contact the Book Review Editor to indicate your intentions to review the book and indicate when you expect to submit the review.

Book reviews will be published in Physics in Canada as well as posted on the CAP's Book Review website. The review for Physics in Canada must not exceed 300 words; however, reviewers are invited to submit an additional, more detailed review (up to 1000 words) for posting on the website if they wish to do so.

Typically, reviews have an introductory paragraph, several paragraphs in the body, and a concluding paragraph. The introduction and conclusion should both express the reviewer's thoughts on the book (liked it, hated it, meant for one audience over another). The body should expand on why the reviewer feels that way about the book; i.e. what parts stood out?, what should have been left out?. A length of one to two pages would be ideal, and the content is mainly up to the reviewer. If you have any specific questions on content, please feel free to consult with the Book Review Editor.

When your review(s) is(are) completed, you should submit it(them) directly to the Book Review Editor. You may either include it as a text file in the body of the message or have it attached to the message, preferably in Microsoft Word format. Ensure that your book review includes the complete book reference (title of book, author, publisher, date of publication, ISBN No., price) as well as your name and affiliation.

Your review will appear in the first issue of Physics in Canada that is produced after it is received (excluding the Congress program supplement).


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