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FileName Reviewer Affiliation Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price
Rev1056_760.pdf Lance Parsons Memorial University Mathematical Methods for Optical Physics and Engineering Gregory J. Gbur 800 2011 Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-51610-5 S $90.00 USD
Rev1275_821.pdf Andre April Environment Canada Mid-Ocean Ridges Roger Searle 318 2013 Cambridge University Press 978-1-107-01752-8 U 83.95
Rev1277_861.pdf Adam Dvorak Modern Particle Physics (V) Mark Thomson 554 2013 Cambridge University Press 978-1-107-03426-6 U 78.95
Rev1464_849.pdf William R. Smith Dept. Mathematics and Statistics Molecular Engineering Thermodynamics Juan J. de Pablo and Jay D. Schieber 501 2014 Cambridge University Press 978-0521765626 U 100.29
Rev1142_788.pdf Daniel Charlebois University of Ottawa/Dynamical Systems Biology Lab Number-Crunching: Taming Unruly Computational Problems from Mathematical Physics to Science Fiction [v] Paul J. Nahin 400 2011 Princeton University Press 978-0-6911-4425-2 G 19.75
FileName Reviewer Affiliation Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price
Rev1055_724.pdf Andre April Environment Canada Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction Thomas Tomkins Warner 526 2011 Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-51389-0 S $75.00 USD
Rev1047_749.pdf John Bechhoefer Simon Fraser Univ., Dept. of Physics Optical Physics Ariel Lipson, Stephen G. Lipson, Henry Lipson 572 2011 Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-49345-1 U $75.00 USD
Rev1597_880.pdf Kento Osuga University of Alberta Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation [v] Alan P. Lightman, William H. Press, Richard H. Price & Saul A. Teukolsky 616 2017 Princeton University Press 9780691177786 G 62.95
Rev1357_834.pdf Jingxiang Wu university of Alberta Quantum Field Theory for the Gifted Amateur Tom Lancaster and Stephen J. Blundell 512 2014 Oxford University press 9780199699322 U $195.00
Rev1140_870.pdf Yan Gobeil McGill University Quantum Information, Computation and Communication Jonathan A. Jones & Dieter Jaksch 200 2012 Cambridge University Press 9781107014466 U $USD55.95
FileName Reviewer Affiliation Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price
Rev1443_851.pdf Luce Gauthier retraitée Qu'est-ce que le boson de Higgs mange en hiver Pauline Gagnon 200 2015 Éditions Multimondes Inc. 978-2895444909 U 26.96
Rev1094_745.pdf Pete Watson   Relativistic Quantum Physics From Advanced Quantum Mechanics to Introductory Quantum Field Theory Tommy Ohlsson 297 2011 Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-76726-2 G $65 USD
Rev1058_816.pdf Stephen Pistorius Physics & Astronomy, University of Manitoba Reliability in Scientific Research - Improving the Dependability of Measurements, Calculations, Equipment, and Software I.R. Walker 587 2011 Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-85770-3 S $79.00 USD
Rev1125_819.pdf Richard Marchand University of Alberta Satellites: de Kepler au GPS [v] A. Capderou 862 2012 Springer 978-2287990496 S 91.05
Rev1441_877.pdf Ellen Watson University of Alberta Science and Human Experience Values, Culture, and the Mind Leon N. Cooper 256 2014 Cambridge University Press 9781107043176 G 16.07
FileName Reviewer Affiliation Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price
Rev1352_837.pdf Andre April Environnement Canada Sea-Level Science Understanding Tides, Surges, Tsunamis and Mean Sea-Level Changes David Pugh, Philip Woodworth 407 2014 Cambridge University Press 9781107028197 S $103.95
Rev1072_856.pdf Patrick Perron Royal Military College of Canada Statistical and Thermal Physics Michael J.R. Hoch 423 2011 Taylor & Francis Group 9781439850534 HB U 69.95
Rev1259_843.pdf Léo Barriault none Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data Bonamente, Massimiliano 301 2013 Springer 978-1-4614-7984-0 S 93.02
Rev1451_871.pdf Tor Pedersen CLS Inc. The Art of Electronics Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill 1224 2015 Cambridge University Press 978-0521809269 S 105.56
Rev1434_887.pdf Collin Carbno retired (SaskTel). The Beauty of Physics: Patterns, Principles, and Perspectives A. R. P. Rau 256 2014 Oxford University Press 978-0198709916 S 52.50
FileName Reviewer Affiliation Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price
Rev1118_785.pdf Dr. Harvey A. Buckmaster University of Victoria The City and the Coming Climate Brian Stone, Jr. 187 2012 Cambridge University Press 9781107016712 G $29.99CAD
Rev1594_888.pdf Arundhati Dasgupta University of Lethbridge The Little Book of Black Holes [v] Steven S. Gubser & Frans Pretorius 200 2017 Princeton University Press 9780691163727 U 24.95
Rev1417_836.pdf Louis Marchildon UQTR The Quantum Dissidents Freire Junior, Olival 356 2015 Springer 978-3662446614 G 113.02
Rev1217_852.pdf Jake Bobowski, Unit 5 - Physics University of British Columbia - Okanagan Transmission Lines Richard Collier 318 2013 Cambridge University Press 978-1-107-02600-1 S USD 96.95
Rev1150_847.pdf Richard Boudreault Tech Aéro Understanding the Earth System Global Change Science for Application Sarah E. Cornell, I, Colin Prentice, Joanna I. House, Catherine J. Downy 267 2012 Cambridge University Press 9781107009363 S US$81.95
FileName Reviewer Affiliation Title Author nPages PubYear Publisher ISBN Category Price
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